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I need to model data in redis where the keys are file paths, and each path has N key/values with it.

I am currently modeling the data using Hashes.

HSET /products/clothes/pants/501-jeans "title" "Levi 501 Jeans"

This works fine, however I want to be able to get a list of all "pants" hashes "children". I can do this via

KEYS /products/clothes/pants/*

However redis documentation states KEYS pattern should not be used in production.

I was thinking of creating a SET of all "paths" associated with hashes, but im still not sure how/if I can search over those.

Thoughts on how to best model this type of data?

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Relatively new to redis, but I think using a set to store all of the keys "underneath" /products/clothes/pants is a good one. Not sure what your search criteria is but you'll easily be able to get a list of all of those hash keys. –  Adam Feb 26 '13 at 0:54

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Here is how i've modeled the data and it seems to work fairly well.

resources::/path/foo => Redis Hash of Resource data
resources::/path/foo/bar => Redis Hash of Resource data
resources::/path/foo/cat => Redis Hash of Resource data
resources::/path/foo/cat/dog => Redis Hash of Resource data

children::/path/foo => Redis Map [ /path/foo/bar, /path/foo/cat/, /path/foo/dog ]
children::/path/foo/bar => Redis Map [ /path/foo/bar, /path/foo/cat ]
children::/path/foo/bar/cat => Redis Map [ /path/foo/dog ]

I have to manage the children:: maps any time i add/remove a resources:: key

I chose modeling children:: using Redis maps so its impossible to have duplicate path keys, however using a list may work as well (easy to

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