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I really wanted to use ASIHTTPRequest do to its easy and already built library. Since it is old code format and in the project I use ARC it doesn't really work. Are there any unofficial updates to it or is there other open source code out there that works well? I just find it very tedious to go back through this code and correct it and such.

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Consider using AFNetworking in place of ASIHTTPRequest.

Or just disable ARC for ASIHTTPRequest, see @La boa boa

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  1. If your new project uses ARC, you can disable ARC for ASIHTTPRequest. Here's a good answer How can I disable ARC for a single file in a project?

  2. The creator of AFNetworking wrote an adapter in order to ease the transition to AFNetworking from ASIHTTPRequest. See

Hope it helps.

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do not use ASIHTTPRequest. It is discontinued already and does not support ARC. – Raptor Feb 25 '13 at 2:35

Check this answer

It allows you to disable ARC for certain files and thus allowing you to use ASIHTTPRequest.

I've used it with that library successfully.

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