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I am a php programmer. Unlucky that I have to face some Aspx problem.

I have two dataSource list Objects:

List < Event > eventSource=eventSource.ToList();
List < News > newsSource=newData.ToList();

Although event and News had the same fields(id, title, description, last_updated), they are stored in the different tables (news and event), and there is no relationship between two tables. Both of them had last_updated field which contain a datetime. I need to join them into one table and sort them by last_updated desc.

Then I write something funny with my java(?) knowledge:

List < Object > resultSource=new List < Object >();
foreach (Event eventInfo in eventSource){

I have loop the newsSource and add them in the resultSource. Then I try to use this to sort by datetime:


But I don't know what parameter should be filled in that ??? area, and I found that I cannot get the "resultInfo.title" in the foreach loop, because I don't have "title" field in the Object class.

Do I have anyway to solve this in simple way?

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If you can change the Event and News class (for example, if they are declared as partial), you can try creating a common interface for them. –  andri Feb 25 '13 at 2:58

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You need to use a lambda expression. Something like:

resultSource=resultSource.OrderBy(res => res.Name).ToList();

But replace Name with whatever property that you want to sort on.

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I don't think this will work for them, because Event and News are not related types, which is the reason why the list they're trying to sort is of type object (and object does not have a "Name" property). –  Matthew Feb 25 '13 at 2:54
Thank you for the answers. I have solve the problems. First I use resultSource < Event > to replace the resultSource < Object >. Then I loop up the news source, create a new Event object in the looping, add them back from news to event "fields by fields" to fill the new Event object, then add it in the resultSource. Last, I use Ofer Zelig's OrderBy function to finish my job. –  Fenix Lam Feb 25 '13 at 3:08

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