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Can anyone tell me whats the best way to run or execute Command prompt on PHP or is there any safe way to run 'ipconfig /all' and get the Physical Address or the Mac Address of the unit.


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The possible duplicate feels off somehow, because it doesn't seem to be the intent of that question to actually get the IP of the server itself. Could be just me. –  Jack Feb 25 '13 at 4:39
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This snippet would get all the Mac addresses on the system:


exec("ipconfig /all", $out, $res);

foreach (preg_grep('/^\s*Physical Address[^:]*:\s*([0-9a-f-]+)/i', $out) as $line) {
    echo substr(strrchr($line, ' '), 1), PHP_EOL;
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If you want to exec a shell command from inside a PHP script you'll have to use one of the functions exec, shell_exec, system or proc_open or simply the backtick operator `

In your case it would be something like:

$output = `ipconfig \all`;
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$info = system('ipconfig /all'); echo $info; its NOT WORKING. thanks.. –  mesekarome Feb 25 '13 at 3:55
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