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I currently have a .swf file that I decompressed and decompiled. I have been looking around for tutorials on how to use ABC Bytecode, but I have not found much. Is there a debugger program that can convert it back to ActionScript 3?

Would flew 2 do this? or Adobe flash projector debugger? or AS3 Sorcerer?

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i. You may be using Alchemy decompile. but, Project "Alchemy" is now the Flash C++ Compiler (FlasCC). Adobe Forum, refer to information about it.

Alchemy is a research project from Adobe Systems that allows compiling C and C++ code to ActionScript Virtual Machine (AVM2), so that it can be run on Flash Player or Adobe AIR. This is achieved by compiling C/C++ code to LLVM bytecode and then translating LLVM to ActionScript 3 with inlined AVM2 bytecode, which is then compiled with a specialized ActionScript compiler. The resulting SWF/SWC is considerably faster than normal ActionScript code, but up to 2x - 10x slower than native C++ code.

Alchemy site: Alchemy
FlasCC Documents: FlasCC

ii. Another way is to use a free swf decompiler.


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