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I recently want to follow the checkerboard score under a null model method to calculate the pvalue for co-occurrence analysis as adopted by this paper "Using network analysis to explore co-occurrence patterns in soil microbial communities".

Unfortunately, the usage of commands and arguments of vegan package was not well described in the paper.

I believe there must be some expert of vegan package in R to do such co-occurrence analysis based on checkerboard score under a null model.

Could any one help with the scripts or the commands and arguments I should use to calculate the C-score under a null model in R?

Will this C-score thing return me a matrix of pvalue that I could use to indicate the co-occurrence?

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I guess this may answer your question:



null.model <- oecosimu(species, bipartite::C.score, "swap", burnin=100, thin=10, statistic="evals", nsimul=10000) #where species is you species by sites matrix

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this should give a quick estimate of C-score

C.score(species, normalise=T, FUN=mean, na.rm=T)->cscore.speciesN
C.score(species, normalise=F, FUN=mean, na.rm=T)->cscore.speciesS
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