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I am trying to read through a file and get specific strings on each line. The end of the string that i need is marked by a semicolon. I have no problems doing this, but I am noticing that getline() with the delimiter is automatically attaching a new line to my string.;
    getline(filename, name[counter], ';');

    filename >> amount[counter] >> unit[counter] >> calories[counter];


So when i would go to print out the name array there would be 1 extra line break that I had not put there myself as if there was an extra '\n' being picked up along the way. Does anyone have a solution? An example of the file format that I am reading from is below.

Dave Jones; 24 Tall
Jillian Jones; 34 Short etc...

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The file format you show does not seem to match >> amount[counter] >> unit[counter] >> calories[counter]. Also, what happens when counter++ exceeds the size of the arrays? – Johnsyweb Feb 25 '13 at 5:20
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After running

filename >> amount[counter] >> unit[counter] >> calories[counter];

the newline is still in the buffer. This normally isn't a problem when you are using only ">>"; it just ignores newlines. But when you mix getline and ">>" you need to ignore the newlines that ">>" leaves behind. Try something like this:

filename >> amount[counter] >> unit[counter] >> calories[counter];
// Ignore first character or everything up to the next newline,
// whichever comes first
filename.ignore(1, '\n'); 

This is a bit redundant, but it's easy to read.

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A simpler way to swallow the whitespace:

filename >> amount[counter] >> unit[counter] >> calories[counter] >> std::ws;
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Better way would be to read file line by line into a buffer and then split strings by ';':

while(true) {
    std::string line;
    std::getline( in, line );
    if( !in ) break;
    std::istringstream iline( line );
    while(true) {
        std::string str;
        std::getline( iline, str, ';' );
        if( !iline ) break;
        // you get string by string in str here
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