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I am trying to combine the following if statments

    if "%s\n" % baseAU in out:
        print "Match"
        count = 1

    if internaldep in pendinggerrits:
        print "match"
        count = 1

I tried the following but is there an easier way

    if  "%s\n" % baseAU in out and internaldep in pendinggerrits:
        print "match"
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What exactly is "not easy" about that? – Matt Ball Feb 25 '13 at 5:08
Incidentally, those two versions are NOT equivalent. The first version is or logic, while the second one is and logic. – Joel Cornett Feb 25 '13 at 5:10
Your two sets of statements are not equivalent. Your first two "if" statements are independent. In the second case, you apply "and" to the two conditions. – Kavka Feb 25 '13 at 5:13
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No, there isn't an "easier way" to put two conditions in an if statement; the way that you already have is pretty concise.

(Note, however, that the combined version does not do the same thing as the original version. You'd want to use or instead of and for that.)

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Your second statement is not equal to first two. Notice that 'match' is printed if any of those 2 if blocks is satisfied.

But in your concise version, you are using and operator, match will be printed only when BOTH OF THEM ARE TRUE.

If you intend to do what you did with 2 independent blocks, you need to use OR :

 if  "%s\n" % baseAU in out or internaldep in pendinggerrits:
        print "match"

and yes, this is the cleanest and simplest way to combine those blocks.

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