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Here is my situation:

  • Our company has a central web server, R, for testing our PHP applications on.
  • I develop on my local machine, L, and upload to R for testing.
  • Our apps run in such a way that a client running on L makes requests to a proxy server P; P then forwards the request to R and processes the response. The processed response is sent back from P to the client on L.

Essentially I want to know if there is a way of informing Xdebug running on R that a debug session should be started up with L when the requests originate from P.

I can't hard-code in the IP of L in Xdebug's config because there could be other developers connecting.

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Use the DBG PHP Debugger and have a statement in your php file like so. Note that the author of the debugger has an IDE as well.

This statement will forward debug info to the IP address that is running a debug client. We restrict it running to the same IP that hit the URL.

if($IP == '192.168.x.x')
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