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Normally I install packages using:


and a Repo over the internet. But I have a new machine now where I want to replicate the packages from my existing installation without having to pull everything off the internet all over again. (I've a ton of packages and slow internet access)

Both machines are Windows and run the same R version. (2.13.1)

Is there a way to do this? Closest I can get is I know I can install from local zip files using:

install.packages("pathtozip", repos = NULL)

But does R store all Zips somewhere? I found a few in locations like:

C:\Documents and Settings\foouser\Local Settings\Temp\RtmpjNKkyp\downloaded_packages

But not all.

Any tips?

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copydir.bat and movedir.bat in batchfiles will copy and move libraries respectively. See . See comments at the top of each of these files. – G. Grothendieck Feb 25 '13 at 6:01
This was a question already, which I cannot seem to find right now, but I recall @DWin gave a very solid answer to it. – Ricardo Saporta Feb 25 '13 at 7:06
Thanks @G.Grothendieck and RSaporta. Will try. – curious_cat Feb 25 '13 at 7:29
Can "copydir 2.10\library 2.11\library" be used with an intermediate location on a removable drive? Both installations being on different machines are not simultaneously visible. – curious_cat Feb 25 '13 at 7:35
Use .libPaths() in R to verify where user library is located. Then its something like this on old machine from Windows cmd line: copydir.bat "%userprofile%\Documents\R\win-library\2.15" F:\2.15 assuming the USB is F:. On new machine from Windows cmd line: set newdir="%userprofile%\Documents\R\win-library\2.15" & then md %newdir% and then copydir.bat F:\2.15 %newdir% . Main advantage of copydir.bat is that it won't overwrite anything but that is not of concern here so you could alternately use the built in xcopy or use robocopy or use Windows Explorer to do the copying. – G. Grothendieck Feb 25 '13 at 15:13

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The function .libPaths will give you a vector of all the libraries on your machine. Run this on your old machine to find all of them. You can simply copy all these files into the libraries on your new machine (run .libPaths on it too to find out where).

Alternatively, if you want to set up a real repository (i.e. basically a CRAN mirror) on your computer or on a network drive you can update, you can put binary or source packages into a folder and run tools::write_PACKAGES on that folder. You can them run install.packages using the contriburl argument and point it to your repository folder.

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All packages that you have installed are stored in a folder called win-library\r-version, for example, C:\Users\Ehsan\Documents\R\win-library\2.15 so, it is enough to copy all the folders inside 2.15 to the same folder in your new machine. because you have the same version of R you do not need to update them by update.packages().

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