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I have a primefaces p:barChart component and I would like to set the style="height: #{backingBean.chartHeight}" dynamically according to the amount of data in the chart. The example here does not work so is there any other way to set the chart height dynamically? Thanks!

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I guess you can do something like this

 <h:inputHidden value="#{backingBean.chartHeight}" id="chartheight"> // will be set if you set in the construtor.
  <p:barChart id="basicchart"  legendPosition="ne" /> 

and in JavaScript or Jquery on page load

      var val=$('#formId\\:chartheight').val();
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Yes, that works perfectly! It would be just nice that the barChart would have attribute for the height so that I would not need to create custom jquery for that :) – drodil Feb 25 '13 at 7:35

Another solution worked for me : instead of injecting height in the style, you can inject all the style option as a String. your code will look like this :

<p:barChart id="basic" value="#{backingBean.categoryModel}"
                    legendPosition="ne" title="Comparaison"
                    min="0" max="200"
                    style= "#{backingBean.chartStyle}" orientation="horizontal" />

And the height string in your backing bean :

private String chartStyle ="height:500px";
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