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I'm attempting to create an ticket type of system for our companies IT related issues.

This ticket system should work as follows:

  • User logs on and submits and 'IT Query'
  • The query is saved with a unique ID, which is mailed to the user.
  • The query is mailed to the IT Department.
  • Responses to the queries are logged and when a user views the query, all these responses can be seen.

I'm having some issues with the last bullet.

Since I'm using two databases (it_queries with unique id ticket_id and it_responses with foreign id ticket_id), I'll have to have 3 views in each other in order for this to work.

I have the following in mind: What I have in mind

How will I be able to achieve this or is there an easier way to do this?

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As Dipesh said, you should relate the tables correctly in order to make things easier and much more faster. Also, I would recommend you using the CakePHP naming conventions, not only for Controllers, models and views, but also for the DataBase design. It will save you a lot of work and headaches. You can make use of the cake bake functionality for it.

Apart from that, I don't see the point on using different views. You could use elements instead (view/eElements/), but i would do it much more simple.

You should take into account that one controller can (and probably will) make use of more than one model. Said this, your view action in your ticketController could call also to the it_responses table and retrieve the data in another array.

For example:

class TicketsController extends AppController {
    //using the It_response model
    var $uses = array('Ticket' , 'It_response');

    public function view($id){
        $ticketData = $this->Ticket->find('all', array('conditions' => array('' => $id));

        $responsesData = $this->It_response->find('all', array('conditions' => array('It_response.ticket_id' => $id));

        //setting the variables in the ticket view.
        $this->set('ticket', $ticketData);
        $this->set('responses', $responsesData);


Anyway, if your ticket is correctly linked to the response model, you would only need to do one query which would contain an array of Responses.

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To archive this you need to define all the correct associations inside model.

According to your question i guess your ItRequest model are related to ItResponse with hasMany relationship so directly your Response table has one-to-one relation with Request Table.

so define it and then just query it inside controller and display it inside view file as your need.

cakephp model association (view)

CakePHP model JOINS, missing fields

Retrieving Data From two tables that are associated with a forign key in CakePhp

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