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Its a simple question but I am not able to find answer on Google. I am new to scripting.

while read something
 var=${something/<*>/ }       
 #perform some operation
done < $1

I want to know the use of /<*>/ here. I am able to get the same result if I use


Any idea whats the use of /<*>/ ?

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Look for "substring replacement" in the string manipulation guide. It replaces patterns like <stuff> with a space.

[cnicutar@ariel ~]$ echo $something
Fun on a <bun>
[cnicutar@ariel ~]$ echo ${something/<*>/ }
Fun on a
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See http://www.gnu.org/software/bash/manual/bashref.html#Shell-Parameter-Expansion. Yours expansion should delete <*> which expands as pathname. You get same results probably because there is no match for this pattern in your input.

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