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I need to implement NTLM v2 authentication in a legacy Grails application. All I've found so far is a Grails ntlm-auth plugin, which supports NTLM v1 only and a Java ntlmv2-auth library, which I don't know how to attach to the application.

I'll be grateful for any advice on existing plugins or guidelines on integration of ntlmv2-auth library into the application.

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You can use Apache mod_auth_kerb for NTLMv2 authentication. See http://www.grolmsnet.de/kerbtut/ for more details.

Then you must can use either HTTP headers or AJP to pass the autenticated user to Tomcat. See Forward REMOTE_USER to tomcat via AJP (e.g. for shibboleth) for the AJP solution and http://serverfault.com/questions/207301/get-the-authenticated-user-under-apache for passing the REMOTE_USER in a http header.

In SpringSecurity you can use RequestHeaderAuthenticationFilter to get the authenticated user from the header passed from Apache to Tomcat. See Grails, Spring Security & Siteminder - problems with resources or userDetails for some hints to the correct direction.

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