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I have a game frame, with an array of JLabels in it, that i added existing (extended) MouseListener for two of them (the last and the first) at start. Now, every time a JLabel with a MouseListener had been clicked, i want it "not have" that MouseListener anymore, and instead, the MouseListener goes to the next/previous index in the JLabel array.

I can't find a mechanism that can handle that algorithm.

public class NumberGameFrame extends javax.swing.JFrame {
    JLabels[] numbers;
    int left, right;
    public void playPVC() {
        left = 0; right = numbers.legth - 1;
        PVCMouse pvc_mouse = new PVCMouse(); // MouseListener

    public void setPlaybleNumbers(int left, int right, MouseListener mouse){
        for(int i = 0; i < numbers.length; i++){ // "kill" other numbers first
            if (i != left && i != right){
                if (numbers[i].getMouseListeners() != null){

My thought was that some how pvc_mouse.mouseClicked() can invoke this.setPlaybleNumbers(++left,..) or (--right,...), but the MouseListener cant handle the JLabel array and the setPlaybleNumbers method because they are not static.

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well, for better help sooner post an SSCCE, short, runnable, compilable –  mKorbel Feb 25 '13 at 9:06
Why not use a single mouse listener attached to the parent panel and maintain an index to the active labels –  MadProgrammer Feb 25 '13 at 9:07

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I see 2 solutions:

  1. Make PVCMouse inner class of NumberGameFrame. It will allow you to use all non static methods and variables.
  2. Pass array of labels to PVCMouse so it can use it by itself without knowing about NumberGameFrame. In this case you'll have to move left and right variables inside PVCMouse.
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