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i got this error and daunt know where i went wrong i am new to codeigniter so i am sure its something stupid can anyone figure this out tnx in advance.


        <?php echo form_open('create'); ?>
        <ul id="accordion">
   <a>Survey Creation</a>
     <ul id="survay">  
       <li>Enter a question:<?php echo form_input('Question')?></li>
       <li>Answer A: <?php echo form_input('qA' );?></li>
       <li>Answer B: <?php echo form_input('qB' );?></li>
       <li>Answer C: <?php echo form_input('qC' );?></li>
       <li><?php echo form_submit('submit', 'Set This Question' );?></li>



class Create extends CI_Controller{

    function index(){

    // insert data
    function create1()
     $data = array(
         'Question' => $this->input->post('Question'),
         'qA' => $this->input->post('qA'),
         'qB' => $this->input->post('qB'),
         'qC' => $this->input->post('qC'),





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Seems like you forgot to load the form helper. Use the application/config/autoload.php or add the following line into your controller before loading the view:

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that was it i knew it was something small :) tnx so much –  Edvinas Liutvaitis Feb 25 '13 at 8:59

You may also load this helpers on all controllers. Go your config folder and open autoload.php in any editor and then load required helper as following :

$autoload['helper'] = array('url','form');
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Load your CI helper in your controller $this->load->helper('form');

class Create extends CI_Controller{

    function index(){


or make auto load helpers on all contollers. Open application/config/autoload.php

        $autoload['helpers'] = array('form','myhelper');
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