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I am interested in understanding a distributed parallel programming model in any programming language (Java/Perl/Python/PHP) - similar to Apache Hadoop but which supports Windows machines (I don't want to install Cygwin).

Also, i am not keen on high availability and fault tolerance.

Example: Create a job "sum" and submit it from client so that it runs in many worker nodes (including windows machine without cygwin)

sum(int a, int b)
   return a+b;
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please consider Gearman: http://gearman.org/

The perl gearman server is running under windows, without cygwin: http://code.activestate.com/ppm/Gearman/


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I assume, in gearman the job/task is defined in the worker code and registered with the server and the client will invoke or request for the job. But i am asking for a client where job will be configured instead of the worker node (similar to hadoop). Also, it should run on windows machine without cygwin. –  user703555 Feb 25 '13 at 9:17
Gearman needs cygwin –  Baba Feb 25 '13 at 9:18
Please see my notes: The Perl based gearman server does not need cygwin, as far as I know (i am not talking about the original gearman here) –  user1126070 Feb 25 '13 at 9:23
@user703555: You are correct, but this is Perl :-). I think you could write a worker that receives a code as string, the data and eval the code using the data. It is a bit odd but it could work if you did not have better idea. –  user1126070 Feb 25 '13 at 9:26

All you need is ZeroMQ ... You can simply implement multiple workers on windows without cygwin

Here is a simple Parallel task worker in PHP where It receives a message, sleeps for that number of seconds, then signals that it's finished

$context = new ZMQContext();

// Socket to receive messages on
$receiver = new ZMQSocket($context, ZMQ::SOCKET_PULL);

// Socket to send messages to
$sender = new ZMQSocket($context, ZMQ::SOCKET_PUSH);

// Process tasks forever
while ( true ) {
    $string = $receiver->recv();
    $json = json_decode($string,true);

    // Do the work
    echo sum($json['left'], $json['right']), PHP_EOL;  // <--- call SUM
    usleep(strlen($string) * 1000);

    // Send results to sink

Here is a good place to start

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try IPython for parallel computing!

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You might want to consider JPPF or GridGain, both are Java distributed frameworks that will work on any platform

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