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Scenario: I had developed some transactional pages using Node.js, Express + Handlebars as view engine and MongoDB.

Now the issue is during module integration I got some of the pages which are built on Express + Jade as view engine.

Question: How to integrate pages built on Handlebars & some on Jade?

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  1. Add both engines and consolidate.js in your package.json
  2. In yourapp.js

    var engines = require('consolidate');

    app.engine('jade', engines.jade);

    app.engine('handlebars', engines.handlebars);

More info here


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Is it possible to add a custom template engine? – benoror Jan 19 at 16:47
This didn't seem to work for me. Express 4 always seems to render all files with the same engine, even if the file extension matches a different engine. – Wayne Bloss Jul 24 at 17:46
@WayneBloss sounds to me like you have a default template engine hidden in your code. If you generated the app or started from a template/followed a guide/etc your app likely has a default render specified at some point. – EW - CodeMonkey Nov 21 at 15:46

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