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I need help to convert following ql query to Linq to Sql query.

select Name, Address
from Entity
group by Name, Address
having count(distinct LinkedTo) = 1

Idea is to find all unique Name, Address pairs who only have 1 distinct LinkedTo value. Remember that there are other columns in the table as well.

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And what have you tried? –  Alex Feb 25 '13 at 11:40

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I would try something like this:

Entity.GroupBy(e => new { e.Name, e.Address})
      .Where(g => g.Select(e => e.LinkedTo).Distinct().Count() == 1)
      .Select(g => g.Key);

You should put a breakpoint after that line and check the SQL that is generated to find what is really going to the database.

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You could use:

from ent in Entities
group ent by new { ent.Name, ent.Address } into grouped
where grouped.Select(g => g.LinkedTo).Distinct().Count() == 1
select new { grouped.Key.Name, grouped.Key.Address }

The generated SQL does not use a having clause. I'm not sure LINQ can generate that.

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