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Sometimes it feels that my company is the only company in the world using Ruby but not Ruby on Rails, to the point that Rails has almost become synonymous with Ruby.

I'm sure this isn't really true, but it'd be fun to hear some stories about non-Rails Ruby usage out there.

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I myself use both ruby on its own and combined with the framework rails. I made a ruby application which daily pulls all the highscores from a website and puts it in a mysql database. It is sofar the first and only application i made in ruby on it's own i made

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I use Rails a lot at work, but for smaller applications or simple REST-based services I tend to use Sinatra. I'm also writing text-adventure game in Ruby for fun.

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At work I do all my scripting for Windows with Ruby. Thanks to that I can say bye bye to Dos script

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Other than Rails I've been using ruby extensively in the following small/medium projects:

  1. In large hierarchical text file parsing (to some extent similar to YAML structure)
  2. Specialized small range web-spiders.
  3. Three Sinatra apps.
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Ruby is hugely powerfull, and Rails was a good proof-of-concept of it's power applied to web-services.

Nonetheless, Ruby continues (and will continue) to become more widespread in different contexts, like system-administration, scripting, automation, ...

The thing was that in some point along the way, Rails got so much fame that "shadowed" Ruby and make it look like that it was Ruby following Rails. But as the number of answers in this post prove it, Ruby is much more than Rails.

I too feel an "itch" when I'm searching about Ruby, and have to constantly deviate Rails info that gets in the way... but hey, Rails also contributed a lot to the Ruby growth and marketing :)

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I haven't done any non-Rails Ruby web dev, but all of my Project Euler solutions are in Ruby, as well as some other small projects, like my IRC bot.

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Does part of Rails count? We've used Ruby for an ETL application and plugged in ActiveRecord just for its model validations.

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