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The code below no longer works in Dart M3, and I couldn't find what the new syntax is.

Could someone please advise?


String encodeMap(Map data) {
  return Strings.join(data.getKeys().map((k) {
    return "${encodeUriComponent(k)}=${encodeUriComponent(data[k])}";
  }), "&");
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Simply use .join(separator) on Iterable.

In your case :

import 'dart:uri';

String encodeMap(Map data) {
  return data.keys.map((k) {
    return "${encodeUriComponent(k)}=${encodeUriComponent(data[k])}";

From Breaking Change: Strings class is going away :

The Strings class (note the trailing "s") in core is going away.
If you used Strings.join(stringIterable, separator) replace it with stringIterable.join(separator).
If you used Strings.concatAll(stringIterable) replace it with stringIterable.join().

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I had to use the following (Dart r18915) - "data.keys.map(" rather than "getKeys()" –  Brian Oh Feb 27 '13 at 8:29
Yes, sorry, I only modified your .join call. Answer fixed. –  Alexandre Ardhuin Feb 27 '13 at 8:45
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