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I have to save the dollar into the table which datatype should i use. I know Number datatype but i want to store like 25,0000 for that which datatype should i use either number or varchar

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it would be a poor choice to do this (as eventually someone would save a corrupt string to that column and break your code).

I would have the table as a number and just have a view over the top of it that concatenates the $ to the number if needed (select '$'||your_col, ...). if you need multiple currencies, then you'd best be served with a currency column that contains the currency code like USD.

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I am using hibernate pojo for save and retieve how can i use to_char – jackyesind Feb 26 '13 at 4:32

Use number and then use TO_CHAR and the correct format mask (NLS dependent)

create table curr_test (col number);
insert into curr_test (col) values (15.25);
select to_char(col, 'L00D00') from curr_test;


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