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I am trying to delete a non existent entity in a database but the delete() method doesn't thow any exception.
How can I get an error when I try to delete a non existent entity?
I have copied my code below:

public void remove(MyEntity persistentInstance) {
 logger.debug("removing entity: " + persistentInstance);
    try {
        logger.debug("remove successful");
    } catch (final RuntimeException re) {
        logger.error("remove failed", re);
        throw re;

I call the remove in the tests using the following code:

final MyEntity instance2 = new MyEntity (Utilities.maxid + 1); //non existent id
    try {
    } catch (final RuntimeException ex) {


Even if I call a flush the test doesn't fail, why?
I would like to get an exception. Anyway I am also interested to understand when the delete() can throw an exception.

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