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I have an application which paginates two Models at and based on the number of results can have a collection of the two models or one which is in turned paginated so that the total count of the collection is always 12 ( the per page count).

Now since I pass the total_entries with my final pagination, I have the total number of pages correct, however the current_page always remains 1 since the collection size is always 12.

How can I modify the view helper to make WP to change the page number according to the params[:page] that I send.

The links that appear for page 2 and 3 etc are clickable and lead to correct paginated results but always remains in page 1 with next_page link not working.

This is my pagination in the view

<%= will_paginate @collection, :renderer => "RemoteLinkRenderer", :params => {:controller => 'doc_managers',:action => @action} %>

This my individual and final paginate in the controller

f = Folder.action_folder_collection(@action, current_user).paginate(:page => params[:page], :per_page => 12)
if (f.count < 12)
  #d = Document.action_document_collection(@action, current_user)
  d = Document.action_document_collection(@action, current_user).paginate(:page => d_page(params[:page], fc, dc), :per_page => per_page-f.count)

@collection = collection.flatten.paginate(:page => page(params[:page], collection.flatten.size),:per_page => 12, :total_entries => total)

Now since @collection is always paginated and its size is 12 always, this stays in page 1.

How can I fix it?

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You can define :per_page option in your will_paginate to show total pages per page.

<%= will_paginate @collection, :renderer => "RemoteLinkRenderer", :params => {:controller => 'doc_managers',:action => @action}, :per_page => 12 %>

If you want to build the next page link then follow this SO post.

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The per_page thing doesn't work. As I said it already paginates it to 12 per page and also shows correct number of pages but since each collection has only 12 entries at a time the page number selected is always 1. –  LearnerCoder Feb 25 '13 at 10:48
Do not use it for collection basis, do it for per page basis. You need to remove pagination from @collection and instead use it in will_paginate as I mentioned above. –  My God Feb 25 '13 at 10:52
Removing it from @collection doesn't show any paginate links. It shows 1st page only with 12 entries which is the 12 from my paginated results of Folder Model. –  LearnerCoder Feb 25 '13 at 12:35

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