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Hie... I was wondering whether it is possible to send dynamic content involving "if" or "switch" functions to jsp:param "value" attribute ... one can send a single value which can be represented in the following manner

<jsp:param name="blah" value="<%=blah%>"/>

now what i mean to ask is ..

<jsp:param name="blah" value="<% 
                               if(blah == 1)
                               out.print("The value is 1");
                               if(blah == 2)
                               out.print("The value is 2");

is the above method possible.. when i do the same i get an error stating that an " = " sign is expected after the tag in value attribute ..

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I would recommend determining the value of blah prior to executing your jsp. This can be done within a servlet using straight Java. Once you have determined the value of blah place it in the request before forwarding to the jsp.

request.setAttribute("blah", "some value");

Then within your .jsp file you can reference the attribute using jsp expression language.


Its best to keep as much logic out of your view (jsp) as possible.

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hey kevin ... i shall try using this method .. i am new to jsp programming.. i am yet to learn how to use jsp expression lang .. i obtained the required result using spiritwalkers method .. thanks again – gabbi Feb 25 '13 at 10:42

would you consider to change it to

<% if(blah == 1){ %>
<jsp:param name="blah" value="The value is 1"/>
<jsp:param name="blah" value="The value is 2"/>

else use equivalent JSTL tags like

   <c:when test="${blan eq 1}">
      <jsp:param name="blah" value="The value is 1"/>
      <jsp:param name="blah" value="The value is 2"/>

@gabbi, You do not necessarily have to have two <jsp:forward>, instead you can declare another variable for holding the value, like below:

String blahValue = ""; 
if(blah == 1){
   blahValue = "The value is 1";
}else if(blah==2){
   blahValue = "The value is 2";
   blahValue = "the value is invalid"; }

   <jsp:param name="blah" value="<%=blahValue%>"/>
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Thanks a lot... i changed it in the above mentioned way .. only back drop was that i had to use <jsp:forward page > element for every option .... so if i had two values for "blah" i had to use if(blah ==1){%> <jsp:forward page="test1.jsp"> <jsp:param name="blah" value="the value is 1"/></jsp:forward> <%}if (blah==2){ %><jsp:forward page="test1.jsp"> <jsp:param name="blah" value="the value is 1"/></jsp:forward>}%> – gabbi Feb 25 '13 at 10:38
the answer is edited regarding to your concern. – spiritwalker Feb 25 '13 at 10:53

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