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I have a dictionary of <String, MyThingyClass> containing a few hundred entries. Now I want to display a subset of these in a WPF Listbox. How do I do it (preferably in code)?

There are plenty of examples, tutorials etc on how to bind a whole dictionary (Systems.Collection) to a Listbox, but I haven't found any just binding a subset (selected by either key, or a field in the value-class).

I realize that a simple solution is to make a Dictionary that contains a subset and then bind this subset-dictionary to the Listbox. But I wonder if there is a way without creating the subset-dictionary.

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You may look into How to: Filter Data in a View. –  Clemens Feb 25 '13 at 10:27
Filters Yes - great idea! This is a solution I like and that works and is easily extendable. Thanks! If I could, I'd mark is as accepted as an answer. –  AnnaR Feb 25 '13 at 15:27

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You can get a CollectionView of your source collection and set the Filter property.

See How to: Filter Data in a View.

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You dont need to create it. you can create a read only property that returns subset of dictionary and bind it in xaml.


You can hide the items in xaml by some condition in trigger.

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