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I have a rdlc report I want to bind a list of my own custom class to as a data source.

I've used some code recommended on this site to build the DataTable

This works really well

     //convert my list of Invoices to a DataTable
     var dt = invoices.CopyToDataTable(dataTable, LoadOption.PreserveChanges);
     //Setup a new DataSource
     var rds = new ReportDataSource {Name = "ReportDataSet", Value = dt};
     //Add that datasource to my ReportViewer
     //Map my report path, etc
     rvSampleInvoice.LocalReport.ReportPath = Server.MapPath("etc");

This all works fine, when I load my page, the report shows, but it only has one 2 pages. the first is the first entry in my invoices collection, and when I click next page, it's a blank page. I've added a gridview to the page, and bound the DataTable (dt) to it and it displays as a nice table with a row of headers and 20 rows of data.

I'm wondering if I've got something wrong on how to bind a RDLC to my List of Invoices

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This SO answer has has solved the issue. There's gotta be a better way of doing this, so if anyone knows a better way to have multiple pages for one result set, let me know


Ok, I'll explain what I've learnt now more about RDLCs for future archeologists. You can't just drag and drop data into a page, bind a list of items and expect it to duplicate the sample page you've made however many times there are items in your list. You need to drag a table into the report and tick the "page break" option in the SO solution I linked to. Then stretch the table across the page, add a bunch of rows and columns. The fill in the cells you want in your page. It takes a bunch of cell merging and stretching to get it to look the way I want, so if there's a better way, someone please make a post.

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