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I have txt file1 contains

line 1
line 2 
line 3
line 4 
line 5

Second text file contains

line 6
line 7
line 8
line 9

need to paste all 6,7,8,9 line in file 1 in 4th line how can do this using python

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what have you tried? –  drekyn Feb 25 '13 at 10:42
What do you mean "paste"? Can you be more specific? –  towi Feb 25 '13 at 12:16

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To insert before line 4, write this:

with open('file1.txt', 'r+'), open('file2.txt') as file1, file2:
    list = file1.readlines()
    list.insert(3, file2.readlines())

To insert after, change the 3 to 4.

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It's better to write it in third file and than rename it. Otherwise you have to read whole first file in RAM. This will work ok for huge files:

with open('file1', 'rb'), open('file2', 'rb'), open('file3', 'wb') as file1, file2, file3:
    ln = 1
    while ln < 4:
    for line in file2:
    for line in file1:
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