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I have an issue concerning the keyboards events in JS.

First of all, please do not answer me to use jQuery methods, I know most of it (bind/unbind, on/off, one...) but I work with an internal framework that have to work without jQuery, even if jQuery is used on most of our projects.

So, I have a module, in fact a swipe tool based on Swipe.js and extended to work on web and mobile environments (compatibility needed for IE 7+, WebKit (Chrome & Safari), Moz, Opera and IE10 / Windows Phone)

In do not have any problem with mouse/touch events, the binding and unbinding methods inspired from the mobile HTML5 BP seems to work very well with a small correction for the detachEvents method.

And then I would to implement a keyboard control feature based on 'keydown' events. (BTW, I am not sure to make a good difference between keydon and keypress events, except the keypressEvent.preventDefault() do not prevent the small scroll effect, so I use keydown.)

As it is possible to add many Swipes on the same page, I start to listen the keydown events only when any Swipe is focused (Note that I add a "tabindex" attribute to allow the element to get focused).

<div id="swipe1" class="swipe" tabindex='0'>

Then when the Swipe handle a 'touchstart' / 'click' / ' MSPointerDown' event, I focus it :

onTouchStart: function(e) {
    this.container.focus(); // Refers to the div#swipe1.swipe element
    return false;

onFocus: function (e) {
    if (this.activateKeyboardControls) { // Keyboard control is optional
        this.addListener(document, 'keydown', this, true);

onBlur: function (e) {
    if (this.activateKeyboardControls) { // Keyboard control is optional
        this.removeListener(document, 'keydown', this, true);

But unfortunately, the removeListener does not work.

I mean, when the element loses the focus (blur event fired), it still handle the keydown events...

Is it because it is binded on the document object ? I have read some solutions working with some booleans but I am looking for a cleaner way the manage it.

This is annoying, because when I give the focus to many Swipes, each of them is swipping when I press the keyboard.

Thanks in advance !

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I'm not sure of the reason why my answer has been deleted - more than 2 weeks after posting - but anyway, this is how I solved it :

It comes from the 'type' parameter of the addEventListener / attachEvent method, the first of one so...

I bind it on the object instead of on the window, and without bubbling.

var target = e.target || e.srcElement;
if (this.activateKeyboardControls) {
    this.addListener(target, 'keydown', this, false);
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