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I have created a website in OC. But at the time of checkout there are 6 steps to follow. I followed all 5 steps but when i go to 6th step it shows me error as below:

Notice: Error: Could not load model checkout/extension! in D:\hosting\5308266\html\mastore\watches-ecommerce\system\engine\loader.php on line 48

What is wrong with my website?

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What is version of your OpenCart Installation –  Anurag Shukla Feb 25 '13 at 10:59

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Try and Reupload following folder in Binary Mode:

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There is no model named extension , i think you installed some extension related to checkout that replaced your original file. i think there would be this line


in catalog/controller/checkout/confirm.php removing this line might solve your problem.

If that does not work re-upload all the files of catalog/controller/checkout folder. (ASCII mode is fine, no need to upload with binary mode )

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