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I have two libraries of different versions in classpath. Which version will classloader load? How could I change it?

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The question is wrong. Locating the classes is very different from loading them. –  Val Feb 25 '13 at 11:14

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If you have


then it's in order. lib-v1.jar will be loaded first (analogous to PATH).

I'd likely avoid this in practise (beyond uses for testing etc.) It can get confusing if you reference a library class in lib-v2.jar that's not in lib-v1.jar (possible if API's are retired). That way you'd load the initial class from v2, and further common classes from v1, and these may not be compatible.

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It depends on order in which you will provide this libraries list to JVM.

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Classloader has no information about your jar version. Generally You should avoid this kind of situations. You should hold the most recent version in your classpath

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