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I have followed this nice tutorial to create a custom alert view which supports text input.

I designed the alert view NIB with Interface Builder. At runtime on an iOS 5.1 simulator, the error Could not instantiate class named NSLayoutConstraint occurred.

The solution to this problem was quickly found on SO: I had to deactivate AutoLayout for my XIB/NIB.

That's what I did. However, the same error still occurs. I double checked, AutoLayout is unchecked for both my Storyboard and my XIB (custom alert view).

I think maybe some reference to NSLayoutConstraint has survived somewhere in the project, but grep -i constraint **/** gave me no result.

Any idea other than redesigning my NIB from scratch, with AutoLayout OFF from the start ? (last resort)

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Extra info: 1) I have tried a clean build with no success. 2) The app runs fine on iOS 6.1 – Sebastien Feb 25 '13 at 11:04

I ended up redesigning the view, with AutoLayout deactivated from the start.

It solved the problem. Looks like I had been suffering from an bug in XCode.

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