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I am getting the location of a browser and sending lon/lat to a postgis database via WKT (using php script)

the results i get are

Longitude: -1.323114
Latitude: 51.401409

this should be in Newbury, UK (where i work) but, somewhere along the stack, it is being located in central Russia.

stack is as follows PostGIS -> MapServer -> OpenLayers

this is a non-base layer, base layer is Open Street Map with projections set to EPSG:4326

what is it i've done wrong?

OpenLayers (JS):

Do you need anything else?

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Hmm. Google Maps certainly accepts those coordinates (albeit in lat/lon order not lon/lat which is off the coast of Somalia). It looks like lon/lat is the correct order for postGIS to convert to usable geometry, too. What does your PHP script look like?

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it simple fires a 1 line stored proc which takes long/lat stored proc executes "INSERT INTO .... VALUES(ST_GeomFromText('POINT( x y)')) should be really simple and easy... – DrogoNevets Feb 26 '13 at 15:30

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