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I am using georgepaterson / jquery-videobackground on this page:


I want the video to loop but have no idea how to do this within JQuery?

$(document).ready(function() {
            $('h2').bind('click', function(event) {
                $(this).next('dl').slideToggle(500, function() {
            $('body').prepend('<div class="video-background"></div>');
                videoSource: [['video/ribbons_450x360.mp4', 'video/mp4'],
                    ['video/ribbons_450x360.webmhd.webm', 'video/webm'], 
                    ['video/ribbons_450x360.oggtheora.ogv', 'video/ogg']], 
                controlPosition: '#main',
                poster: 'video/ribbs.png',
                loadedCallback: function() {
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It's not an answer, but I'd vote strongly for not putting video as a background at all, it's just horrible / bad practice and hurts my eyes. –  John U Feb 25 '13 at 11:34

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If it's a html5 video, set it's loop attribute to "loop" like this:


or just loop without a value like this:


If you need to do that strictly with jQuery do this:


Also, check out this page to learn everything you need to know about html5 video elements.

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Thanks for your reply. I have added the script above, where do I put loop within it? –  angela Feb 25 '13 at 12:08
Just add the loop attribute anywhere, so it looks like this: ` <video preload="none" poster="video/ribbs.png" autoplay="autoplay" loop="loop"> ` Also, make sure you accept my answer if it helped you. –  Mike Burnwood Feb 25 '13 at 12:29
thanks. I had to change bottom part of Jquery script loop: true, as there is no video tag in my html - its all in the javascript. Thanks for your help. –  angela Feb 25 '13 at 16:10

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