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i have the following condition in my xslt 1.0

<xsl:when test="string-length(//Record/CIMtrek_CI_OPEX_200910_FrDiv/text()) != 0" ></xsl:when

but this condition is executed even if the value of CIMtrek_CI_OPEX_200910_FrDiv is 0,

i dont want this condition to be executed when the value of CIMtrek_CI_OPEX_200910_FrDiv is 0

how to do this in xslt 1.0

Please help me to get this done.

Best Regards

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test="translate(//Record/CIMtrek_CI_OPEX_200910_FrDiv, '0', '')"
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thanks for the answer, i was waiting for your response for a long time. Please check this question also http://stackoverflow.com/questions/14960498/create-combo-box-in-xslt –  Java Questions Feb 26 '13 at 7:09
@Anto, You are welcome. –  Dimitre Novatchev Feb 26 '13 at 15:26

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