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I'm not sure why this is occurring between my two search functions.

here is my first search function

    def search(request):
    if 'q' in request.GET and request.GET['q']:
    q = request.GET['q']
    books = Book.objects.filter(title__icontains = q)
    return render_to_response('search_results.html', {'books': books, 'query': q})
    return render_to_response('search_form.html', {'error': True})

With this function, when I enter 

into my browser, what would display is a search bar and a message that I created. Also when I press the search button, the link would automatically update to

However for the 2nd version of my search function

    def search(request):
        error = False
        if 'q' in request.GET['q']:
            q = request.GET['q']
            if not q:
             error = True
             books = Book.objects.filter(title__icontains = q)
             return render_to_response('search_results.html', {'books': books, 'query': q})
    return render_to_response('search_form.html',{'error':error})

If I were to enter 

into my browser, I would get

    Exception Type:      MultiValueDictKeyError
    Exception Value:    "Key 'q' not found in <QueryDict: {}>"

If I were to manually make the link in the browser 

the error message would disappear but if I were to performance searches, all I would get is a search bar that does nothing except update the link to whatever I input into the search bar and ran a search.

    EX: searched for eggs -->

Here are my HTML files


    <p>You searched for: <strong>{{ query }}</strong></p>

    {% if books %}
        <p>Found {{ books|length }} book{{ books|pluralize }}.</p>
            {% for book in books %}
            <li>{{ book.title }}</li>
            {% endfor %}
    {% else %}
        <p>No books matched your search criteria.</p>
    {% endif %}


        {% if error %}
            <p style = "color: red;">Please submit a search term.</P>
        {% endif %}
        <form action = "/search/" method = "get">
            <input type = "text" name = "q">
            <input type = "submit" value = "Search">


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You type :

if 'q' in request.GET['q']:

and you should type :

if 'q' in request.GET:

It fails because you try to access to a missing item.
You also can do :

if request.GET.get('q', False):
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...omg how did I not see that.... THANK YOU SO MUCH! –  Liondancer Feb 25 '13 at 12:00

To add to what Zulu said, you can use the get() method belonging to dictionaries to tidy up the code a little bit:

def search(request):

    query = request.GET.get("q", None)

    if query:
        books = Book.objects.filter(title__icontains = query)
        return render_to_response("search_results.html", {"books": books, "query": query})

    # if we're here, it's because `query` is None
    return render_to_response("search_form.html", {"error": True})
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This does look a lot cleaner!!! thank you for your input!! –  Liondancer Feb 25 '13 at 12:15

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