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I have files in a directory having the name as /dir/file.$creation date in "yyyymmddhhmmss". Now I want to pick up the file that was created latest in that directory based on the creation date using the "yyyyddmmhhmmss" part.

please suggest how this can be acheived using shell script.

I am using K Shell.

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Use ls and sort as follows:

ls dir/file.* | sort -n -t . -k 2 | tail -1

If you have too many files, the above command will fail will a "too many arguments" error, so use find instead:

find dir -name "file.*" -maxdepth 1 | sort -n -t. -k2 | tail -1
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@dogbane...thanks its working !!! –  Kundan Kumar Feb 25 '13 at 12:23
ls -t1 /IN/UR/DIR | head -1 

Might work for you if it was created last...

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