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Extract data from a text file, the file consists of the following, say:

<img src="a.jpg" alt="abc" height="12px" width="12px">
<div class="ab3" id="1122">
<img src="b.jpg" alt="abc" height="12px" width="12px">
<div class=cd5" id="9876">

I want to extract the "id" value from the above shown text file... the output should be:


I tried using findstr, find etc(DOS-COMMANDS), but not able to find the perfect regular expression for the same,

any other way is there, any help?

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Try using winGrep:… – izogfif Feb 25 '13 at 11:57

I agree with @izogfif, you should consider some other tools for this task.

But, to answer what you asked for, I got this regex:


It will give you output like this:


From there you can save those results (or use a pipe, however you do that in DOS), and then this regex:


Will give you this output:

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thankyou sir, how should i use findstr....means i used t as findstr regularexpressiontobeplacedhere "filename" should i use regular expression here – Aman Chawla Feb 25 '13 at 12:22

Use the following code:

( id=")[^"]*"

This will match any Id's value.

You can replace id with any attribute you are searching for.

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