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I have 1 doubt regarding this...

i have a url like this


I want to extract all the named parameters in an array vars such that I have the name of the variable as well it's value in the url so that I can use them for some processing...

Is there some way by which i can achieve this uisng some build-in functions rather than assiging them individually


$some_var = $this->request->params['named']['id']; 

The resaon i want it is because the named parameters are dynamic ....

heres the updated solution for this...

$url = 'http://www.SpiderWeb.com/vendors/search_results/scid:0/atr:1/mbp:1/bc:2/bct:1/mbpo:2/atrt:5/atop:1/opel:4';
$arr_url = parse_url($url);
$res  = explode("/vendors/search_results/",$arr_url['path']);
$vars  = explode("/",$res[1]);
$result = array();
foreach($vars as $key => $val){
  if (strpos($val, ":") !== false) {
     $newvars  = explode(":",$val);
     $result[$newvars[0]] = $newvars[1];
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Sorry guys forgot to mention that the url is retrieved from the databse and the ouput should look like Array ( [scid] => 0 [atr] => 1 [mbp] => 1 [bc] => 2 [bc] => 1 [mbpo] => 2 [atrt] => 5 [atop] => 1 [opel] => 4 ) –  Scrappy Cocco Feb 26 '13 at 3:58

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Try this :

$url = 'http://www.SpiderWeb.com/vendors/search_results/scid:0/atr:1/mbp:1/bc:2/bc:1/mbpo:2/atrt:5/atop:1/opel:4';

$myarr = parse_url($url);

$res  = explode("/",$myarr['path']);

foreach($res as $val){
  if (strpos($val, ":") !== false) {
     $vars  = explode(":",$val);
     $$vars[0]  = $vars[1];

echo $scid;
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Edited the anser please check it –  Prasanth Bendra Feb 25 '13 at 12:04
Thankyou for this code snippet, i have to make some modifications to get the desired result and now it works great... Once again thanku very much...I have also updated your code accordingly.... –  Scrappy Cocco Feb 27 '13 at 4:02

Just loop through the named params array

foreach ($this->request->params['named'] as $name => $param) {
   pr("The param name is {$name}");
   pr("The param value is {$param}");
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Sorry i forgot to mention that the url i have is actually retrieved from the database. so i think i cannot get the values in $this->request->params['named'].... –  Scrappy Cocco Feb 26 '13 at 3:36

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