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I am working on asp.net mvc. I am trying to search public facebook posts of a user by the facebook url. i.e. I have a textbox in my webpage in that user will enter his facebook url like https://www.facebook.com/xxx.yyy and based on that url i need to find particular user and needs to display all public posts of that user. I have tried with open graph api like,

https://graph.facebook.com/search?q={username found in url}&type=user

but it asks me accesstoken. I will get accesstoken only when user was login to facebook but i need to display user's public posts without asking him for authentication. Please guide me.

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You don't necessarily need a User access token to get result from https://graph.facebook.com/search , you can use your App Access Token to retrieve the result. You can also use the same App Access Token to query the public post of the user by calling to Facebook's end point like


Where is the value specified in your textbox as

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