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I am using SmartSVN 6.6 on my Mac OS X 10.8. I need to create new branch from working copy in trunk of my iOS project. Can anybody explain steps needed for that?? Thanks in advance.

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A branch in Subversion is nothing more than a copy.

svn switch . URL_TO_BRANCH

See also below links:

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There is also a quick method, that I have learnt using SmartSVN in which you can branch-off code without using terminal.

Step 1: Create a folder in your branches folder and give whatever name you want to give.

Step 2: Add folder to repository by selecting folder and clicking Add button.

Step 3: Right Click your project from your trunk folder and select Copy option.

Step 4: Choose your destination folder you have just created.

Step 5: select options for new branch and you are done.

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