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My Rakefile contains a few tasks without a namespace. When I run rake -T, those tasks are not listed. How do I include them? I tried writing my own task to list them all and it kind of works, but it only lists the names and not the descriptions.

task :list do
  Rake.application.tasks.each do |task|
    print + ' ' + task.comment.to_s() + "\n"
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Do you can provide your Rakefile? – Alexander Randa Feb 25 '13 at 13:05
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If your tasks have preceding descs, the are to be listed in rake -T:

desc "Lists all the tasks"
task :list do
  Rake.application.tasks.each do |task|
    puts "#{} \# #{task.comment}"

Tasks w/o preceding desc are omitted in rake -T output by design. If you still want to use your :list task, simply add

Rake::TaskManager.record_task_metadata = true

to the very top of your main Rakefile.

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I was putting the descs inside the task, not before it. Thanks for clearing that up. – lyoshenka Feb 25 '13 at 16:18

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