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I would know what is the best practice for storing global constants which can change with the environnement (debug, preprod, prod, release, etc) at compile time.

In iOS, I used to keep all global constants in a header file and change it with pre-processor macro see this answer:

Where to store global constants in an iOS application?

What solution should I use for Android ?

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Create a class constants in your base package folder.

(or create an interface instead of a class so there is no need to reference the class everytime, however this is bad practice due to code readability, but it will work)

Fill it with public static final values.

Moreover, both the class as well as the interface can also be declared as abstract.

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Ok, but how can I change it at "compile-time" ? I don't want to store, for example, all values three time (for 3 different environnements) and having to comment all of them only when I want. –  klefevre Feb 25 '13 at 12:57
with 3 different enviroments you mean projects? Then create a library application, in which you create your constants-class, than you can add it as library, to as many projects as you want. –  Nickolaus Feb 25 '13 at 13:00
No, I mean 3 environnements such as debug, preprod or prod for one project. I would like to change, for example, the base URL (just like the answer I quoted in my question) of my webservice API 'prepod.xxx.com/ws';, 'xxx.com/ws';, ''; with only 1 constant to change such as "DEBUG", "PREPROD", "PROD" –  klefevre Feb 25 '13 at 13:07

If values for your constants depend on environment (density, locale etc.) then you should use resources for storing them (integer, string, dimen etc.).

In another case you can put your global constants in one file (best practices - use prefixes for every set of constants) or put local constants in related classes (for instance, Intent holds flags. extras, categories and so on).

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could you show me a snippet to illustrate your answer plz ? –  klefevre Feb 25 '13 at 13:09
As I understood your comment above you should use Maven (tool for automated building). You can determine different constants for different configurations and Maven will build different apk's for you (each apk uses one set of constants). See this question for details stackoverflow.com/questions/13867148/… –  tundundun Feb 25 '13 at 13:38

Use public static final values. and keep them in separate java file as follows:

    static String QC    = "http:/************";
    static String DEV   = "http:/************";
    static String CLOUD = "http:/************";

    static String SERVICEURL = CLOUD ; //Use this SERVICEURL in your code at run time
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