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When I install the Emmet package in Sublime Text, it changes the definition of ctrl+d. I'd like ctrl+d to have the default behavior, which is to delete the character in front of the cursor. What should I fill in under?

Below when I define my User key bindings for the Emmet package?

{ "keys": ["ctrl+d"], "command": "???" },
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Try with

{ "keys": ["ctrl+d"], "command": "right_delete" }
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The quick & Dirty workaround would be to remove the ctrl+d definition on the emmet default keybinding file.

I'm looking for a cleaner solution though.

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According to the Emmet README, the correct way of disableing shortcuts is

If you’re unhappy with default keymap, you can disable individual keyboard shortcuts with disabled_keymap_actions preference of Emmet.sublime-settings file.

The key for Ctrl+D is "balance_outward". The settings should then look like this:

{"disabled_keymap_actions": "balance_outward"}

You can find all the keys for different commands by opening the Default (<os>).sublime-keymap beloning to Emmet and looking at args: action.

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