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i have textbox like this:

<input id="patId1" type="text" name="patId1" value="">

when the page loads, a script is called which sets the width of the textbox. That code is as follows :

document.getElementById("patId1").style.width = document.getElementById("patId2").offsetWidth;

where, patId2 is a dropdown list (select tag). Basically what i am trying to do is setting the width of textbox same as that of the width of dropdown list.

Now, if DOCTYPE is set, then the above script doesn't work. But if it is not set, the width is applied.

Any help.

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There is no reason I can think of to create new web pages without a doctype. – Rob Feb 25 '13 at 14:09
What DOCTYPE are you setting, specifically? And is this happening with several web browsers? Or just with one? Last question: Which OS are you developing on? – Ace Feb 26 '13 at 16:45
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The value of offsetWidth will be a Number. The CSS width property accepts a length. Lengths (other than 0) must have units. In quirks mode, browsers violate the CSS specification and assume px units.

document.getElementById("patId1").style.width = document.getElementById("patId2").offsetWidth + 'px'
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Append "px" to offsetWidth of dropdown . JSFiddle: document.getElementById("patId1").style.width = document.getElementById("patId2").offsetWidth + "px";

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There is a simpler way of doing this, and I've re-purposed the code from the following post by @cychan:


How to expand 'select' option width after the user wants to select an option

Here is the general approach:

<div id="select-wrapper-01" style="width: 180px; overflow: hidden;">
    <select style="width: auto;" name="abc" id="10">
        <option value="-1">Any</option>
        <option value="123">123</option>

enter image description here

Now you might be saying, "Wait a minute? My largest select option is not 180px wide!"

In that case, remove the width and overflow style attributes from the div.

Then use javascript to provide the appropriate width to the surrounding div, something like:

var actualWidth = document.getElementById("patId2").offsetWidth;
document.getElementById("select-wrapper-01").style.width = actualWidth + 'px';

enter image description here

Here's a working copy on jsfiddle. Nothing fancy, but it works.

You can try playing with the select options, make them longer, or shorter, and see how the select will adapt dynamically.

Give credit where credit is due: As I've said, I tweaked the code from an existing post by @cychan. The implementation that works for your question is by me.

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