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I've pushed some commits to Heroku and after getting an error and running heroku run bash, I see that some files are missing/have not been deployed. I think this might be due to some rebasing/pushing cycles I done before this deploy. I've already set up some addons so I'd like to avoid creating a new app and starting from scratch.

Is there an alternative way?


The gist of what I did:

  1. rebase
  2. push -f
  3. see errors on deploy..
  4. more rebase-ing
  5. push -f
  6. see that files are missing from Heroku build
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You should check that all needed files are added to your Git repository and that there's nothing your app needs in .gitignore or .slugignore. Check this devcenter article for details:

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they are, and, as a matter of fact, a few deploys earlier (I went through a few cycles of $ git rebase and $ git push heroku -f before I got to this state), Heroku wasn't picking up the changes in the config/routes.rb either (master's HEAD had a line which was missing in Heroku, thus causing routing errors) – Andrei Feb 25 '13 at 16:51

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