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I have a website where the welcome-file is a servlet.


The servlet collects the data from the database and send it to JSP. How can I redirect all the requests to https from the main servlet? Any idea??? Thanks

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sendRedirect()? –  Eng.Fouad Feb 25 '13 at 13:53
Thanks for the hint.... I will update the answer.. it was just a matter of getScheme... thanks –  Ali Feb 25 '13 at 14:13

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Thanks to Eng.Fouad for the hint... Problem solved

//Check if the requested scheme is http then redirect it to https
//If the request is not http but https then collect the data and send to jsp
        //Collect the data from the database and send it to JSP
        RequestDispatcher rd = request.getRequestDispatcher("/main.jsp");
    rd.forward(request, response);
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