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How to design table structure in a best possible way for Google Calendar like Repeat feature?

Google calendar lets user schedule re-occurrence of an event for indefinite or definite period of time. Now when we do that what is the best way to manage these type of future data in database tables?

For example: I have table called events where I store all regular events which are of non-repeat type and scheduled for some day and time. Now when it comes to events which are reoccurring shall I create a separate table and store it as a template?

For example let’s take it very simple:


repeats_on (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
repeat_config ____serialized array or object

Fields are not complete but this is just to give some idea and what I can do here is a cron-job or scheduler can create an event every for next occurrence. If it comes to displaying it on calendar it can be done by generating data from Event_Schedule table and if user edits data for future event we can store data for that event in Events table. Is it the right way or it can be done in a better way? I could think of storing it in the same table as a template but I find a separate table as better approach.

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Your database doesn't have to do everything. Your program code can be responsible for some of the calendar rendering.

Here's one version of the Event database table.

Event ID
Event Title
Event Location
Event Description
Event Start Time Stamp
Event End Time Stamp
Repeat Frequency (None, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly, 
    every nth day (every 3rd Tuesday)
    other odd frequencies 
        (the Tuesday following the first Monday in November, the Sunday 
         following the paschal full moon, which is the full moon that 
         falls on or after the vernal (spring) equinox)

Your program would be responsible for going through the event rows of the Event table, seeing which ones have a repeat frequency, and calculating which events would be displayed in the month being displayed.

Basically, your program code would have to calculate the following program object. This is not a database table.

Calendar Event
Event Date
Event Start Time
Event End Time
Event Title
Event Location
Event Description.

You would have a list or array of calendar events for the month being displayed.

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