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I'm trying to show an interactive SVG image drawn in a HTML page. I'm not experienced with javascript/jQuery language, but using some jQuery plugins like PowerTip I'm currently able to show customized tooltips when hovering on SVG elements. Customized tooltips appear, but disappear after a second, when they're closed by the appearance of default tooltip (in all browsers), showing so just the content of "title" element. Is there a way to disable default tooltips? Below is what I do to show my customized tooltips with PowerTip.

$('#myGraph .node').on({ powerTipPreRender: function() {
    var title = "";
    $('a text', this).each( function(i) {
        title += " " + $(this).text();

    var synonyms = "";
    $("synonym", this).each( function(i) {
        synonyms += "<li>" + parseSynonym($(this).text()) + "</li>";
    $(this).data('powertipjq', $([
           '<p><b>' + title + '</b></p>',
           '<p><b>Synonym(s)</b><ul>' + synonyms + '</ul></p>'

Tnaks in advance

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Tooltip plugins disable default tooltips. The fact that your PowerTip tooltip disappears indicates a problem there. Solve that and the default tooltips will not appear. – isherwood Feb 25 '13 at 14:48
@isherwood: I thought the same, but this morning I kept the powertip example (working perfectly) and when I replaced the text content of a div with a simple svg, loaded by a php include call, the trooble appeared again: when I hover on the element, it appears the powertip tooltip, then it is closed by the appearance of default tooltip (showing the title of the svg element which I hover). – Oscar Feb 26 '13 at 8:27
I already tried to replace "title" tag, to prevent default tooltips. Now Powertip tooltips appear and disappear quickly, even if default tooltips don't appear. This happens just on SVG elements. – Oscar Feb 26 '13 at 13:37
It appears I'm incorrect, then. Sorry, I have no ideas for you. – isherwood Feb 26 '13 at 14:07
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I tried a lot of solutions, from renaming the "title" tag to setting the tooltip as an empty string. At the end, I understood that's not possible to prevent showing the default svg tooltips.

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