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I would like UserA to be an Administrator in dnn/SomeCountry/SomeDepartment/SomeArea But only be an Author in dnn/SomeOtherCountry/SomeOtherDepartment/SomeOtherArea

I would like the hierarchy to be easy for an end user to create and preferably light weight. I would then like the page at the end of the tree to show a custom module based on the role.

Is this possible do this with an existing nestable content item? (folder or group or sub-site or sub-page etc)

It looks like i could do this with sub-site but I think a sub-site is far to heavy for what i am looking for (lots of duplicated css etc), some type of 'folder' would be a better fit.

Is there a content type that already supports this? Is there a module that already supports this?

If not then how easy would this be to implement?

p.s i tried posting this question on the DNN forum and go no response

Thanks for your help in advance!

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You wouldn't likely be able to do this easily with the Community Edition of DotNetNuke, but using the more granular permission model in Professional Edition I believe you could do this fairly easily.

They wouldn't be "admins" but you can give roles the ability to "ADD" pages at different hierarchies, something you can't do in CE.

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I'm not sure that is what I am looking for. That might allow me to create fine grained permission decisions at a specific depth, but not allow me to assign roles. –  Joe U Feb 26 '13 at 15:12
That is correct, assigning roles is done pretty much only by administrators, you wouldn't be able to let non-admins define and assign roles. They could define what those roles can do on their pages . –  Chris Hammond Feb 26 '13 at 17:17

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